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Find Tractor Blades for Mulching and Precision Cutting

Older tractor blades can do more harm than good to your lawn. At Kmart, you have access to an entire inventory of blades and other tractor attachments to improve your landscaping performance. The Craftsman 3-in-1 tractor blade cuts your grass evenly, and it mulches grass clippings as you mow. Whether you prefer to push mow your lawn or let the riding mower do all of the work, invest in precision cutting blades that benefit your lawn.

If you own an ATV, convert it to a powerful riding lawn mower. With a hitch kit and an Agri-Fab electric-start mower, you can cut multiple acres in less time. The Agri-Fab rough-cut mower attaches to the ATV, and it clears a 42-inch path with each pass. For commercial landscaping, the Stanley 100-inch tow-behind mower cuts even more grass at a time. Additionally, fit the mower with a set of mulching blades to create natural compost for the lawn.

Mulching as you mow benefits you and your lawn in several ways: You have less bagging to do, and the mulch provides nutrients for the soil. If you have a traditional mower blade attached to the riding tractor, invest in a Craftsman mulch kit. The blades install just as easily as traditional mower blades, but the kit includes a mulch plug that cuts grass clippings even finer. Whether it's a 42-inch riding mower or a Craftsman push mower, a mulch kit helps you maintain a healthier lawn.

You can also save your grass clippings to use in a compost bin for later. Mounting a bagger attachment to your riding mower lets you store the clippings as you mow. The Craftsman 6-bushel 2-bin hard bagger holds even more clippings, which means that you spend more time mowing and less time emptying the bag. After the bag fills with clippings, dump the contents into a compost bin to use later in the garden or a flowerbed. Whether you prefer to mulch as you mow or collect the grass clippings for a compost bin, you want tractor attachments that help you do your job more easily.

From Craftsman tractor blades to complete mulch kits, you have everything you need to complete a residential or commercial landscaping project. Shop Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of tractor attachments and lawn and garden equipment.


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