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Find Tractor Belts and Useful Accessories for Your Riding Mower

Replace your tractor belts at the first sign of wear and tear. Kmart offers a full inventory of name brand replacement belts from Craftsman and Snapper that fit most riding lawn mowers. The drive belt is responsible for delivering power to other parts of the mower. Additionally, you may have a separate belt that controls the blade. If these belts have slack or slight tears, you need to replace them immediately to improve your mower's performance.

If the tractor blade spins erratically or not at all, it could mean you have a worn-out belt. Otherwise, the blade needs further tightening to improve its spin. While checking the belts, inspect the tractor blade for signs of damage. A dull blade can negatively affect the lawn's appearance as you mow. With a new Craftsman hi-lift tractor blade, you get the precise cut you expect from your mower.

You can knock out two jobs in one when you install a mulch kit on your riding mower. Craftsman mulching blades, combined with a mulch plug, re-cut the grass clippings as you mow. The finer grass particles settle on the soil, creating natural mulch for your lawn. Whether you have a traditional blade or a mulch blade, the tractor belt supplies the necessary power to turn both varieties. While you can save grass clippings in a bagger and mulch later, using a mulch kit as you mow saves time when you're in a hurry.

It's true that maintaining a lawn and garden takes time and effort, but you can cut your time in half when you have the right power tools for the job. Weedeater line trimmers help you remove weeds and overgrown grass in the yard and along sidewalks. Craftsman chainsaws provide the power you need to cut down thick brush and tree limbs. With Black & Decker extension shears, you have what you need to cut and trim shorter and taller plants without having to bend over or use a stepladder. Handheld power tools help you create the look you want in your lawn and garden without overexerting yourself.

Whether you require new tractor belts for your riding mower, or you want powerful tools to assist you on the job, shop Kmart for the best selection of affordable lawn and garden supplies for both residential and commercial landscaping projects.


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