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      Get Added Stability with Tire Chains for Your Riding Lawn Mower

      When the winter buries your driveway with record-setting snowfall, equip your yard tractor with tire chains and wheel weights for added stability and traction. Kmart carries a selection of name brand tire chains from Craftsman and Arnold for every tractor make and model. Increase your mower's stability with a set of Craftsman 30-pound wheel weights. Combined with Arnold tire chains, you get the traction you need to remove snow from your property.

      Using a snow plow with bare tires proves extremely difficult on slick pavement. Therefore, you need Briggs & Stratton 50-pound wheel weights and Berco tire chains to get the traction needed to plow snow from the driveway and sidewalk. In addition, the wheel weights improve your traction in the yard when plowing through snowdrifts and clearing pathways to the front door.

      When plowing the sidewalk and driveway, you want full control over the snowblower and blade. With the Craftsman 48-inch snow blade, you can lift and lower the blade directly from the tractor seat. In addition, the snow blade features adjustable skid shoes when plowing on concrete sidewalks and rocky driveways. Blow the snow up to 40 feet away when you attach a tractor snowblower to the mower. Like the plow, the snowblower successfully removes snow from the area. However, it tosses the snow far into the yard, minimizing the amount of plowing you have to do on each pass.

      You want to stay protected from the wind and snow while clearing the driveway. Snow removal accessories, such as the Craftsman tractor cab, shield you from the cold wind as you work outside. Its shatter-resistant windshield withstands harsh temperatures, and the easy-access door panels let you control the snow plow or snowblower from inside the cab. If you use a manual gas-powered or electric snowblower, then attach the Classic Accessories snowblower cab to the machine. It protects your upper body from the cold, allowing you to finish the job without risking frostbite and additional heat loss.

      Before the winter season approaches and dumps snow on your driveway and sidewalks, invest in tire chains and wheel weights that improve your productivity when removing the snow. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of professional tractor attachments and lawn and garden equipment for your riding mower.


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