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      Prep the Garden with Tillers and Cultivators for your Garden Tractor

      Creating a garden is hard work, but tillers and cultivators help you prep your garden in less time. Kmart carries a range of professional tractor attachments and garden accessories to improve your efficiency in the garden. Till the soil in less time with the Briggs & Stratton tiller attachment, and prep the ground easily with the Agri-Fab crop cultivator.

      When towing a tiller or cultivator, you require a sturdy hitch and hitch pin on the riding mower. With a professional-grade Craftsman sleeve hitch, you can pull heavy-duty tractor accessories with ease. In addition, the Briggs & Stratton hitch kit lets you easily lift and lower ground attachments without much effort. If you have to haul dirt and fertilizer to the garden, use a Great Day hitch stabilizer to prevent your cart attachment from swaying and rattling.

      Craftsman dump carts let you carry more material anywhere in the yard. The Craftsman 12 cubic-foot dump cart attaches easily to most riding lawn mowers, and its 14-gauge steel construction holds up to 1,000 pounds of fertilizer and tools. When using a zero-turning mower, the Agri-Fab zero-turn cart lets you maneuver around obstacles and landmarks with ease, and it holds up to 250 pounds of dirt and gravel. With the cart's single-lever dump release mechanism, it's easy to lower the contents onto the ground. In addition, the zero-turn cart converts to a traditional push wheelbarrow when you need it.

      With the garden tilled and cultivated, you want to attach Craftsman sprayers and spreaders to the garden tractor. The Craftsman 85-pound Broadcast spreader holds more than enough fertilizer to cover a backyard garden. The spreader is also useful for spreading grass seed over barren areas in your yard. Use the Craftsman tow-behind sprayer to lay down a fine mist of herbicide to prevent weeds and unwanted plants from growing in and around the garden. Additionally, use pesticide to keep insects from destroying your crop. Using sprayer and spreader attachments helps you maintain the health and appearance of your garden.

      If you want to prep and maintain your garden quickly and efficiently, you require professional-grade tillers and cultivators for your riding lawn mower. Shop at Kmart online for an even larger collection of dependable yard tractor attachments and lawn and garden supplies for all of your landscaping needs.

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