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      Sprayers & Spreaders Take the Hard Work out of Landscaping

      Tractor attachments, such as sprayers and spreaders, help you maintain your lawn and garden with ease. Kmart offers a full range of professional-grade lawn care products for use with residential and commercial landscaping. With the Craftsman aerator-spreader, you can aerate and spread fertilizer at the same time. In addition, use the Craftsman tow-behind sprayer to lay down herbicide on your lawn.

      Before spraying your lawn with herbicide, prep the yard with Craftsman aerators and dethatchers. A spike aerator opens the soil, allowing more moisture and nutrients to reach the grass roots. The dethatcher removes unwanted thatch that prevents grass development in certain areas of the lawn. After aerating and dethatching, use the Craftsman sprayer to lay down a fine mist of herbicide to prevent weeds and other unwanted plants from growing in the yard.

      You can't spread grass seed or fertilizer with leaves and yard debris covering the lawn. Attach an Agri-Fab lawn sweeper to your riding mower, and remove leaves and pine needles with less effort. A Craftsman high-speed lawn sweeper removes pinecones and grass clippings in less time when compared to using a manual rake. Wet leaves cause dead spots on your lawn while simultaneously sprouting mushrooms and inviting unwanted pests into the yard. Use the lawn sweeper to pick up the leaves, and attach the sprayer to mist the area with pesticide if needed. Maintaining your lawn is a year-round job, so you require tractor attachments such as sprayers and sweepers to minimize your workload.

      Rollers, rakes and levelers also come in handy when landscaping residential and commercial property. An Agri-Fab landscape rake lets you rake leaves from the yard or level gravel in the driveway. Before mowing the lawn, you want to use a lawn roller to smooth the grass. Flattening the grass beforehand ensures that you prevent mower scalping on the lawn. You want to hold off on using the sprayer and spreader until you've dethatched the lawn and swept the leaves. Afterward, fill the bare spots with grass seed, and spray troublesome areas with the Craftsman sprayer.

      It takes a lot of work to maintain a healthy lawn, but sprayers and spreaders maximize your productivity when landscaping. Shop Kmart online or at the store for an even bigger selection of affordable tractor attachments and lawn care accessories for your yard.

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