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      Fight the Winter with Snowblowers & Blades from Kmart

      Make your winter chores much easier with snowblowers and blades for your riding mower. Kmart carries a vast selection of tractor attachments to help remove snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalk. Attach the Craftsman 48-inch snow blade to your yard tractor, and remove large snowdrifts in half the time. Watch as the snow propels up to 40 feet away with an additional Craftsman dual-stage snowblower attachment.

      Invest in even more convenient snow removal equipment such as snow plows for your lawn tractor. Craftsman Garden Tractor dozer blades let you push away snow in the winter and dirt in the summer. The 14-inch snow blade clears tall snowdrifts, creating an accessible path from the porch to the driveway in seconds. Using tractor attachments improves the speed at which you get the job done in the winter.

      In addition, using electric snowblowers effectively removes snow in less time when compared to using a traditional snow shovel. However, you minimize the work when you use the dual-stage snowblower attachment. The 12-inch serrated input augers chew up thick snow, and the chute throws the snow out of the way. Snowblower attachments also feature skid shoes, which means you always have traction regardless of the terrain. When you combine the snowblower attachment with a snowblower cab, you stay protected from the wind and snow as you work in the cold.

      While the Craftsman snowblower attachment has skid shoes, your riding lawn tractor may need additional support when maneuvering over ice and snow. With Arnold tire chains, you gain the traction needed when operating on slopes or icy surfaces. Craftsman wheel weights provide additional weight for increased stability and traction. Combining Briggs & Stratton tractor wheel weights with Berco tire chains gives you the ultimate slippage protection during the winter months. Additional accessories such as Craftsman and Classic Accessories tractor covers protect your machine when it's not in use. Winter doesn't have to set you back when you invest in professional-grade tractor accessories such as snowblower attachments and tire chains.

      You want to get in and out of the cold quickly this winter, so select snowblowers and blades that help you get the job done with little effort. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for an even bigger selection of lawn tractor attachments this winter season.

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