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New Seat and Gear Covers Protect Your Yard Tractor

Seat and gear covers protect your lawn mower from external damage. Kmart carries a range of high-quality mower covers to wrap your yard tractor whether it's parked in the garage or in the yard. Accidents happen, so you want to prevent scratches and dings that occur when the mower is not in use. The Craftsman zero-turn cover features elastic shock cords that provide a tight fit around the mower. In addition, the cover resists mildew and protects the yard tractor against sun and water damage.

Craftsman mower covers also work to protect large snow removal equipment such as gas-powered and electric snowblowers. Protect the snowblower when you have to leave it parked outside between jobs. Even during the summer, you want to protect your equipment from dust or damage that can occur while parked in the garage. Covers prevent scratches and scuffs from occurring when setting the machine near other tools and frequently used equipment.

It's not unusual to leave tractor attachments parked in the backyard when there's no room left in the storage shed. Keep your mower and attachments protected in every season with a Suncast storage building. In addition, a storage shed provides space for tools and patio furniture. The Suncast storage building offers plenty of room for a riding yard tractor or for separate tractor attachments, and it has padlock-enabled doors with upper and lower latches for added security. However, even in the storage shed, you want to use the Craftsman seat and gear cover to prevent dust buildup on the lawn mower.

If you're transporting the riding mower to another jobsite, make sure to use a cover to protect it from flying debris. After driving the mower up the loading ramp and onto the truck, tie down the tractor using bungee cords or rope. Afterward, place the Craftsman cover over the tractor, and use the elastic shock cords to fit the cover tightly against the mower. Wrapping the tractor should prevent bugs from hitting the mower as you drive, and it also protects the seat and paint from rain and sun damage.

When you want to protect your riding lawn mower and tractor attachments from scratches or weather damage, use seat and gear covers with UV-resistant and weatherproof fabric. Shop at Kmart online to find even more affordable and durable lawn tractor attachments and protective covers for your landscaping equipment.


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