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      Create Compost Easily with Mulch Kits for Your Riding Tractor

      If you want to create natural compost as you mow, then install Craftsman mulch kits on your riding lawn mower. Kmart carries a full selection of name brand mulch kits and blades to use on most yard tractors. Depending on the size of your mower, replace your blade with the Craftsman 42-inch mulch kit, which contains two blades and a mulch plug.

      It's much easier to install the mulch kit when you use a Craftsman tractor lift. Standard car ramps don't give you the height you need to inspect and replace parts beneath the riding mower. With a MoJack PRO lawn mower lift, you can elevate the tractor to the height you need. The tractor lift supports up to 750 pounds, and it features a self-braking winch and safety-lock to protect you while you work.

      If you prefer a single blade replacement, then Craftsman offers a variety of precision and mulching tractor blades for your mower. While you can invest in a single mulching blade, the kit contains all of the elements you need to re-cut grass clippings and deposit them back onto the lawn. However, a Craftsman 3-in-1 blade replacement increases your productivity when mowing the grass. The unique side-discharge blade lets you mulch and bag simultaneously, and it fits most Craftsman models. With the mower raised on the lift, install a new Craftsman mandrel if the part shows any signs of abuse.

      Along with mulch kits, lawn sweepers and vacs are useful tractor attachments that you can use for both residential and commercial work. Whether you bag the leaves in your yard is up to you; however, mulching the leaves does create beneficial compost for flowerbeds and gardens. If you want to remove the leaves without spending hours with a rake, attach the Craftsman high-speed sweeper to your riding tractor. The unit easily picks up pine needles and leaves, and its large 22 cubic-foot capacity hamper holds more yard debris at a time. In addition, lawn sweepers and vacs feature clear-coated hardware that resists rust and other wear-and-tear each season.

      Regardless if you own a riding garden tractor or an electric push mower, mulch kits help you create your own natural compost with ease. Shop Kmart for the most affordable inventory of tractor attachments and professional lawn care equipment online or at the store.

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