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      Secure Your Attachments with Hitches and Hitch Pins from Kmart

      When you tow heavy-duty tractor attachments behind your riding mower, you require durable hitches and hitch pins to secure your equipment in place. Kmart provides a range of long-lasting hitches and pins that work on almost every yard tractor and ATV. Whether you're hauling dirt or tilling the soil, keep your tractor attachments locked in place with quality hitches from Kmart.

      Invest in the Great Day hitch stabilizer when attaching the Craftsman dump cart to your tractor. When you're hauling a heavy load of fertilizer or gravel, the cart tends to sway and lean. However, the Great Day hitch stabilizer prevents the cart from rattling and swaying as you drive. The hitch also works well with the Agri-Fab zero-turning cart, which lets you maneuver around tight corners and landscaping features when using a zero-turn mower.

      When it's time enhance the appearance of your lawn, use the Craftsman Garden Tractor sleeve hitch to attach Craftsman aerators and dethatchers to your lawn mower. Use the aerator to bring more air and moisture into the soil, which in turn helps the grass grow thicker and healthier. In addition, the dethatcher lets you remove unwanted thatch from your property. Thatch forms when dead stems and roots intermingle with live roots, and it prevents further growth and development of the grass and surrounding plant life. With the Craftsman sleeve hitch, you can attach an aerator and dethatcher easily to the mower and finish the job in less time.

      If you need to spray the lawn and garden, then install the Briggs & Stratton sleeve hitch kit on your garden tractor. Its heavy-duty design ensures that the sprayers and spreaders stay locked in place as you drive across the terrain. Fill the Craftsman tow-behind sprayer with herbicide in order to prevent weed growth in your yard. Alternatively, spray pesticide on your flowerbed or garden to prevent insects from destroying your plants. Use a Craftsman 85-pound Broadcast spreader to lay down grass seed or fertilizer for your lawn. Even with 85-pounds, the Briggs & Stratton sleeve hitch secures your spreader as you complete the job.

      You require heavy-duty hitches and hitch pins when towing heavy tractor attachments and lawn equipment. Shop Kmart online or at the store for a bigger selection of lawn and garden supplies for your landscaping needs.

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