The right cart from Kmart's full line of tow-behind and pushcarts makes it possible to haul wood, building materials, debris and supplies of all kinds with ease. A cart on the back of a tractor turns a useful piece of equipment into a powerhouse. The Precision Products 10 Cu. Ft. Trailer Cart features a removable tailgate for convenient dumping and takes only 30 minutes to assemble at home. For easy hauling without the aid of a tractor, try Precision Products 14 Cu. Ft. Wooden Yard Cart. Pneumatic tires ensure a smooth push even when loaded to capacity.
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Haul More Material with Dump Carts for Your Riding Lawn Mower

You require sturdy dump carts and other useful tractor attachments to make your life easier when working in the yard. Kmart carries a vast selection of name brand hauling carts and tractor accessories for your riding lawn mower. With a Craftsman dump cart, you can haul fertilizer or yard debris easily behind the tractor. Using the Agri-Fab zero-turning cart lets you make precise maneuvers around flower beds and other landscaping features.

If you plan to lay down fertilizer or lime during the fall months, then use a heavy-duty cart to haul the material easily throughout the yard. However, you can make your life easier when you use a spreader attachment on the tractor. Instead of manually shoveling fertilizer on the lawn, let the Craftsman 32-inch spreader do the work for you. The Craftsman aerator-spreader attaches easily to the mower's hitch, and it aerates the soil as it fertilizes the lawn.

Depending on the cart attachment, you may require additional hitches and hitch pins to mount the unit to your mower. Use Great Day hitch stabilizers to reduce the amount of rattling or swaying from your dump cart. The King Pin quick-connect hitch pin lets you attach and remove any tractor attachment with ease. In addition, the Briggs & Stratton tractor-sleeve hitch kit lets you lift and lower ground attachments easily with the tractor's lever. Whether you're attaching a cart or a spreader, you need a durable hitch pin to hold the tractor attachment in place.

Additional attachments, such as lawn spreaders and vacs, make your fall cleanup chores easier. With the Agri-Fab lawn sweeper, instantly clean up loose pine needles and tree leaves from the lawn. The Craftsman high-speed sweeper fits on most riding mowers with 42-inch cutting decks, and its reinforced brushes whisk leaves and debris into the bag. In fact, the bag holds up to 20 percent more debris than other lawn sweepers, which means you spend more time picking up yard waste and less time emptying the contents.

Whether you need dump carts for hauling fertilizer or lawn sweepers to clear the autumn leaves, you can make quick work of any yard chore with professional-grade tractor attachments and accessories. Shop Kmart for the biggest selection of affordable lawn and garden supplies and riding lawn mowers for your landscaping projects.


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