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      Stay Cool with Cabs, Enclosures & Shades for Your Riding Lawn Mower

      When the summer heat and sun make it hard to mow the lawn, invest in cabs, enclosures and shades for your yard tractor. Kmart carries a variety of name brand sun cabs and shades to mount on most riding mowers. In addition, the Craftsman Sun Shade universal part kit lets you mount any cab or enclosure on both old and new model lawn mowers.

      You want to get the most use from your yard tractor even in the winter months. However, a standard shade doesn't protect you from the wind and cold. During the winter, stay warm and dry while plowing the snow with a Craftsman tractor cab and other useful snow removal accessories. Even the Classic Accessories snowblower cab protects you from cold winds and heavy snow as you clear the driveway and sidewalk.

      Using an aerator before it rains helps deliver more moisture to grass roots. Compacted soil prevents grass roots from receiving the necessary water and nutrients in order to grow. With the Craftsman Deluxe Sun Shade for lawn tractors, you stay dry while you aerate the lawn. The oversize canopy shields you from the rain, and the rear flap helps protect you from heat and sunlight on clear days. In addition, the UV-resistant Sun Shade withstands hot temperatures and tears, and it cleans easily with just a little soap and water. Don't let the sun or rain keep you from maintaining and improving your lawn any time of season.

      While a canopy shields you from the sun when mowing the lawn, you also need to protect the mower when it's not in use. With a Craftsman zero-turn mower seat and gear cover, you protect the tractor against rain and elements that cause rust and corrosion. A Classic Accessories lawn tractor cover features Weather X-Fabric, which offers water-resistance and abrasion protection. In addition, the vents circulate air throughout the mower, preventing condensation and mildew from forming on the engine and seat. Furthermore, a cover protects the paint from scratches caused by dirt and debris in and around the garage.

      Mow your lawn during the hottest or wettest part of the day when you invest in cabs, enclosures and shades for your riding mower. Shop at Kmart online for an even larger selection of high-quality lawn care equipment and tractor accessories for your lawn and garden.

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