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      Revitalize Your Lawn with Aerators & Dethatchers from Kmart

      Your lawn needs more than mowing to maintain its appearance and health. At Kmart, you have access to tractor attachments such as aerators and dethatchers that help restore your lawn's appearance and vitality. With a Craftsman aerator attachment, you relieve soil compaction so that air and nutrients reach grass roots. Additionally, a Craftsman dethatcher attachment removes unwanted dead thatch from your lawn, promoting new grass to grow in its place.

      You want to get the most from your riding mower, and tractor attachments such as rollers, rakes and levelers help you care for the lawn or prepare a garden. Agri-Fab leveling blades work best for leveling dirt and gravel when building an even foundation. Likewise, landscape rakes attach easily to the mower's hitch when you need to rake leaves in the yard or gravel in the driveway.

      After running an aerator over the lawn, you want to fertilize the area. Attach a Craftsman 32-inch sprayer and spreader to the mower, and evenly spread fertilizer over the lawn. Craftsman 85-pound spreaders hold more fertilizer and material so that you don't have to stop and refill the bin continuously. The Craftsman Tow-Behind sprayer attaches to the mower's rear and helps you spray insecticide or herbicide in the garden. Remember to use the spreader after you've aerated the lawn so that the fertilizer penetrates the surface of the soil.

      As you mow, you want to collect the clippings and leftover thatch for easy disposal. Invest in a bagger attachment to collect the grass or leaf clippings as you operate the lawn mower. A Craftsman six-bushel two-bin bagger fits most lawn tractors with 42-inch cutting decks. The lightweight bins remove easily thanks to the convenient bottom handle, and the see-through mesh let you view when the bags are full and ready for disposal. After dethatching the lawn, mow the grass as you normally would. If you plan to use the grass clippings as natural compost in the garden, collect the grass clippings and thatch in the bagger as you mow. Afterward, spread the clippings evenly over the garden bed.

      Using aerators and dethatchers lets you maximize your lawn's appearance with ease and efficiency. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of professional lawn care equipment and tractor attachments for your riding mower.

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