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      Plant a Home Garden with Mini-Tillers & Cultivators from Kmart

      When you use mini-tillers and cultivators, you create a garden that your whole family can enjoy. Kmart offers a complete selection of tillers and cultivators for use in the lawn and garden. Gas and electric-powered tillers are available from Craftsman and Sun Joe, both of which provide the power you need to dig through soil and prepare the area for seeding.

      A 2.5-amp electric Sun Joe garden cultivator digs through soil at a depth of six inches, and the durable steel tines withstand the most compact earth. Since it has an electric motor, you don't have to deal with empty gas tanks or invest in tune-up kits. Like cordless rechargeable mowers, electric tillers provide a greener alternative to gas-powered models. However, the Craftsman 4-cycle mini-tiller offers more power with its 29cc engine and heavy-duty centrifugal clutch. In addition, it features Incredi-Pull spring-assisted rope that minimizes the amount of effort needed to start the tiller.

      You can maximize your productivity even more when you invest in attachments and accessories for the mini-tiller. Convert your tiller into a dethatcher with the Earthquake dethatcher attachment kit. The Craftsman mini-tiller dethatcher attachment is also available for most Craftsman models. The dethatcher attachment requires no tools for installation, and its safety pin secures the attachment in place as you dethatch. If you want a fuller lawn with fewer dead spots caused by excessive thatch, then invest in a dethatcher attachment for your mini-tiller.

      You may have areas that your tiller just can't reach. Therefore, you have to sit down in the soil and get your hands dirty. If that's the case, use hand gardening tools such as claws and hoes that help you with the job. The Craftsman Rapid Digger makes quick work of digging through compact soil, and its molded grip reduces slipping as you dig. The Garden Weasel Garden Claw helps you manually cultivate and aerate the soil, and its long handle means that you never have to bend over while working.

      Whether you want to create a small garden or you need to aerate the lawn, you have access to mini-tillers and cultivators that help with your landscaping needs. Shop Kmart online or at the store for the most dependable selection of affordable lawn and garden supplies for your home.

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