Front Tine Tillers

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      Trade your Shovels for Front Tine Tillers from Kmart

      Front tine tillers are a popular choice for the serious gardener and landscaper. Rotating steel tines work faster and better than hand digging. Create a larger garden space with less fatigue when you trade your shovel for a modern tiller. Choose a Craftsman, Yard Machines or Earthquake brand tiller and turn an unsightly patch of weeds into a vegetable garden or flower bed. All tillers are designed with reliable performance in mind. Several feature heavy-duty transmissions for years of use. Features on some models include vertical control for adjusting planting depth and adjustable tilling width to accommodate various garden sizes. Choose comfortable, plow-style handles or bail and loop handles. Rear wheels make these tillers easy to transport. Kmart carries attachments, parts and accessories for tillers and cultivators, too.

      Another option for preparing your garden space is a rear tine tiller. Select a Craftsman or Earthquake brand tiller with tough, rotating tines to break up the soil. A front tine design is great for doing big jobs more efficiently, as the front wheels help pull the machine forward. Accomplish more with less fatigue. Comfortable padded grips on handles are another feature the serious gardener will appreciate. Electronic ignition is a convenient option available on some models. Adjustable tilling depth lets you customize your garden space for the plants you want to grow. These rear tine models are the right choice if your plans call for a large garden or your soil calls for heavy-duty tools.

      If you have a small yard or just a corner to be worked, Kmart has not forgotten about you. Mini-tillers and cultivators are perfect for city gardeners or any customer who wants a lightweight tool that is easy to store and transport. The lightest electric model weighs only 10 pounds, so you don't need to be a body builder to operate a mini-cultivator. The most petite gardener can create an herb garden or weed a patch of vegetables with ease. The quality national brands at Kmart include Mantis, Craftsman, and Earthquake. Choose an electric model or a gasoline-powered model. Mini-cultivators are ideal for eliminating weeds between garden rows without harming valuable vegetable plants. A mini-tiller can quickly create a space for planting flowers or prepare a raised bed for perennials. Trust Kmart for the quality tools you need at low prices. Start your garden today with a little help from Kmart.

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