Snow Shovels

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      Invest in Durable Snow Shovels Before the Winter Season

      In the winter, snow falls heavily and builds up on your driveway and sidewalks. Kmart carries a complete selection of snow shovels and other snow removal equipment to help you clear the snow more easily. From Ames to Snow Joe, find the shovels and rake accessories you need to lighten your load this winter.

      You can lighten your workload even more when you use an electric snowblower before shoveling the walkway. While an Ames Garant Grizzly 26-inch snow pusher gives you what you need to remove snow and ice, a Snow Joe 13.5-amp snowblower clears an 18-inch wide path and discharges the snow up to 20 feet away. When you use an electric snowblower, you can remove heavier layers of snow in less time. Afterward, use the shovel to clear leftover snow on the path.

      To prevent further snow and ice build-up, use the Ames True Temper snow shovel to lay salt over the driveway and sidewalk. However, you can make the job much easier when you use a Meyer walk-behind salt spreader. Salt melts the snow on contact, and it prevents ice from forming on surfaces. With the Meyer Hot Shot 70-pound capacity salt spreader, you can lay more salt without stopping to refill the container. Alternatively, use the Bare Ground hand spreader to lay salt and deicer over smaller areas such as patios and porch steps. Spreading salt over icy areas makes removing thick ice easier with a Suncast 8-inch deluxe scraper.

      You want to make your wintery cleanup chores much easier, so you require snow removal accessories to improve the job. Use the snow shovel even less when you lay down the HeatTrak residential snow-melting walkway mat. It melts snow on contact, and its weatherproof material holds up all winter long. When using the snowblower, stay dry with the Classic Accessories standard snowblower cab. It attaches easily to the snowblower, and it blocks the snow and wind while you work. With the majority of the snow out of the way, finish the job with the snow shovel, and head inside where it's warm.

      With snow shovels and powerful equipment such as plows and snowblowers, you remove thick snow and ice in a matter of minutes. Shop Kmart for an even more affordable selection of snow removal equipment and accessories online or at the store.

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