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Snow Plows Cut Your Winter Workload in Half

If you want to clear the driveway in half the time, then invest in snow plows this winter. Kmart carries a range of snow plows and other snow removal equipment to make your workload much easier than before. It takes hours to clear the driveway using a snow shovel, but you can clear the area quickly when you attach a Craftsman snow plow to your riding mower. Alternatively, you can sit in the warmth of your vehicle and plow the driveway using the Home Plow by Meyer.

Snow plows take the difficulty out of removing snow and ice from large areas. However, you may need something smaller for areas such as the sidewalk and entryway. After pushing aside the snow from the driveway, use an electric snowblower to clear the sidewalk and pathway leading to the door. Snow Joe electric snowblowers offer up to 13.5 amps and blow the snow up to 40 feet away.

While it's easier to remove the snow when you've taken preventative measures beforehand, you should use a salt spreader to prevent future ice build-up on the driveway and sidewalk. Using Bare Ground Ice Melt with a Meyer Hot Shot 100 HD salt spreader lays a thick layer of salt over the area. As the snow falls, it melts on impact, and it reduces the amount of ice that collects on the pavement. With a Bare Ground hand spreader, you can add salt to smaller areas such as doorsteps and the patio.

With snow plow accessories, you can get the most from your snow plow. Use the Meyer Big Yellow Box to store sand or salt before the storm hits. It also offers enough storage space for tools and supplies, and its weatherproof finish resists rust and corrosion. To connect a Meyer Home Plow to your vehicle, you need the right hitch. Find hitches for almost every make and model such as the Hummer H3 and the Dodge Durango. Regardless of your truck or SUV, you can attach a snow plow using a Meyer plow hitch.

You want the winter to go as smoothly as possible, and snow plows make it easier for you to remove snow and ice from your driveway and walkway. Shop at Kmart online for a larger selection of affordable snow removal equipment and supplies for your home.


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