Ice Melt & Traction Control

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      Prevent Ice Build-Up with Ice Melt & Traction Control from Kmart

      Use ice melt & traction control to prevent ice from layering on your driveway and walkway this winter. Kmart provides a full list of anti-snow and de-icer products from Bare Ground and Spring Valley USA. To melt snow as it falls, spread Bare Ground Coated Salt granules over the sidewalk. In addition, use Knox Remove Ice Melter to dissolve snow quickly even in -5 degree temperatures.

      Use a snow spreader to cover the ground more evenly with coated salt. A Meyer Hot Shot 70-pound capacity walk-behind spreader lets you cover a driveway or pathway with less effort. Alternatively, use the Bare Ground hand spreader to cover smaller areas such as doorsteps and patios. If you spread the salt before it snows, you reduce the amount of snow you have to shovel or plow later.

      If a winter storm sneaks up on you and dumps a foot of snow on your doorstep, then use a Snow Joe electric snowblower to clear a path more easily. Electric snowblowers come in a variety of sizes and horsepower, so you can clear something as small as a patio or as large as a parking lot. The Power Smart 18-inch snowblower works best for sidewalks and driveways, providing you with a 13-amp motor that throws the snow up to 30 feet away. With a powerful Snow Joe 13.5-amp snowblower, you have all the power you need to remove snow and ice from the driveway.

      Using a snow plow lets you push even more snow out of the way. Attach a Craftsman tractor snow blade to your riding mower to take the hard work out of clearing the driveway. Once you remove all of the snow from the area, use Bare Ground salt granules to prevent future ice build-up. With salt on the ground, the snow accumulates at a slower rate. Therefore, you have less work to do the next time you have to clear the driveway. If you want to clear the snow without standing or sitting in the cold, attach a Home Plow by Meyer to your work truck or SUV.

      When you invest in ice melt & traction control products, you prevent the amount of ice and snow that builds up. Shop Kmart for more affordable snow removal equipment and accessories online or at the store.

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