Gas Snowblowers

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      Gas Snowblowers Let You Remove Snow Easily from the Driveway

      Gas snowblowers give you all of the power that you need to remove heavy snow from driveways and walkways. Kmart provides a complete selection of powerful snowblowers from Craftsman and Snapper with up to 249cc engines and 15 horsepower. Single-stage snowblowers provide enough power to clear sidewalks and personal driveways, but two-stage commercial-duty snowblowers cut through ice and snow and discharge it up to 40 feet away.

      If you have a smaller area in the yard covered with snow, using a snow shovel can help. Ames Garant Grizzly snow pushers let you push away large amounts of snow at once, and the Suncast eight-inch scraper removes ice from the pavement with ease. Use the gas snowblower to remove most of the snow in the driveway. Afterward, go back with the shovel and scraper to remove loose snow and ice from the area.

      Like the gas snowblower, a Craftsman snow plow lets you remove more snow and ice at one time. However, you attach a snow plow to your riding lawn mower. When you use the snow plow, you create a clear path with less work. In addition, the Home Plow by Meyer attaches to a vehicle, so you can clear the driveway without having to sit or stand in the snow. Using the wireless controller, you can move the plow up and down from the inside of the truck with just one push of the button. Use the snow plow for larger areas such as roads and parking lots, and clear driveways and sidewalks with the gas snowblower.

      Prevent ice build-up on your driveway and pathway with Bare Ground ice melt and traction control products. Before the snow arrives, you want to lay down Bare Ground coated salt. The coated salt melts the ice and snow as it falls, and the granules crush to dust to make spring cleanup even easier. With an ice spreader and Knox Remove Ice Melter, you can lay down a coat of salt after using the snowblower to remove the snow.

      When the winter covers you in a thick blanket of snow and ice, use gas snowblowers to clear a path from the house to your car. Shop at Kmart online for a full inventory of affordable snowblowers and other snow removal equipment for your home this winter.

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