Electric Snowblowers

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      Clear Away the Snow with Electric Snowblowers from Kmart

      Before the snow buries you this winter, invest in powerful electric snowblowers from Kmart. While gas-powered snowblowers provide equal power, you may have to stop and refill the tank during the job. Kmart offers a variety of name brand Snow Joe snowblowers to clear the driveway and sidewalks in less time. Since an electric Power Smart snowblower always has a constant energy stream, you never have to stop, which means you finish the job in less time.

      After removing the snow from the pathways using a Snow Joe electric snowblower, you want to lay down salt to prevent future ice build-up. Initially, you want to use a salt spreader before it snows; however, a sudden snowstorm may catch you by surprise. When ice accumulates on the pavement, it creates a dangerous situation for drivers and pedestrians. With a Meyer Hot Shot 100 HD salt spreader, you have what you need to lay down salt over the sidewalks to prevent you and pedestrians from slipping.

      While snowblowers work well for powdered snow, snow plows clear heavier snow and ice away from larger areas. In addition, you can attach a Craftsman Garden Tractor snow dozer blade to your riding mower to work more quickly and efficiently. To get more power, attach a Home Plow by Meyer to your vehicle to remove snow and ice with less effort. With the Home Plow, you get a controller that lets you maneuver the plow up and down with the push of a button.

      Making it through the winter is easier when you stock up on snow removal accessories such as HeatTrak residential snow-melting walkway mats. When you're plowing the snow from the driveway, use the Craftsman tractor cab to fend off the cold while you work. In addition, the Classics Accessories standard snowblower cab blocks the wind as you remove the snow from the walkways. Use Explorer SAE 5W30 synthetic oil for your snowblower to ensure that it runs smoothly during the job. When you're finished blowing the snow for the day, protect your snowblower with the Craftsman Professional snowblower cover.

      Prepare for the harsh winter, and invest in electric snowblowers and snow removal equipment that makes your life easier when it's time to clear the driveway. Shop Kmart for even more affordable snow removal equipment and accessories this winter.

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