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      Maintain a Healthy Lawn with Yard Tractors from Kmart

      Whether it's for your lawn or commercial property, yard tractors help you mow the grass quickly and efficiently. Kmart provides a full inventory of riding mowers and tractors with up to 54-inch cutting decks and Briggs & Stratton engines. The Craftsman 42-inch 24-horsepower Turn Tight mower lets you cut around landmarks with ease, and its padded seat and front headlamps let you mow comfortably into the night.

      Yard and lawn tractors such as the Craftsman Shift-on-the-Go mower improve your ability to cut the grass. Its Briggs & Stratton fuel-efficient engine saves gas, and its 18-inch turning radius lets you steer and cut extremely close to landscaping edges and landmarks. If you prefer a "greener" alternative, then the RECHARGE cordless electric yard mower has a 30-volt rechargeable battery that cuts up to two acres per charge. Since it uses no gas or oil, you never have to worry about a tune-up.

      You want power and comfort when mowing the lawn, and garden tractors such as the Craftsman Hydrostatic mower offers the features you want in a professional yard tractor. Its 54-inch cutting deck cuts more grass at a time, and its padded seat and armrests provide the comfort you need when cutting huge yards. Craftsman Turn Tight tractors give you added control when mowing commercial landscapes as you weave around signposts and curb lines. With smooth steering and large 23-inch tires, you have further control when mowing on sloping landscapes.

      If you require total control while mowing, then zero-turning tractors offer full control and improved freedom of movement. Unlike traditional yard tractors, zero-turning mowers offer speed and precision in one. With the Stanley 54-inch zero-turning tractor, you can cut an entire acre in 11 minutes, and its roll bar adds an element of safety while mowing along at high speeds. A Craftsman V-Twin zero-turning yard tractor offers a five-gallon gas tank, which means you spend more time cutting the grass and less time refilling the tank. In addition, you have full control over the electric blade with just one push of a button.

      Whether you prefer garden mowers or zero-turning yard tractors, you want a machine with power and speed to get the job done quickly. Shop at Kmart online for even more affordable and dependable riding mowers and tractors for your home or landscaping business.

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