Gas Pressure Washers

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Gas Pressure Washers Help Clean Up the Toughest Jobs

Make your cleaning chores even easier when you invest in gas pressure washers from Kmart. Kmart provides a range of powerful pressure washers for use on both residential and commercial projects. The Craftsman 2.3gpm Briggs & Stratton pressure washer cuts through the thickest grime, cleaning your house or car in no time. Whether you're removing mud from the truck or loose paint from the house, a gas pressure washer makes the job even easier.

You require pressure washer accessories to maximize your cleaning project. Invest in DEK wood cleaner to restore the look of your wood deck, and use auto cleaner to remove stuck-on dirt and grime from your vehicle. Combine the Campbell Hausfeld extension hose with the Apache universal pressure washer gun kit to create the ultimate cleaning solution for the home or the jobsite.

Not all pressure washers require gas and oil. In fact, electric pressure washers provide the same amount of power as gas-powered washers. As with corded electric mowers, the electric power washer offers a greener alternative to gas-powered models. The Stanley electric power washer provides 1800 to 2000PSI, which is more than enough power to blast mold and mildew from the oldest deck. Install the Cam Spray electric pressure washer to your garage wall, and wash your car and garden supplies at your own convenience. Regardless of whether you prefer an electric or gas-powered pressure washer, get the power you need for the dirtiest jobs.

If you operate a commercial or residential cleaning service, then you require more than just pressure washers and accessories. With an All Power American portable generator, you can provide the power you need while on the jobsite. The DEK Pro Series features a 401cc 4-stroke engine that provides 7,550-watts of power, which is more than enough to operate an electric pressure washer on the job. It includes four 120-volt duplex outlets and a 12-volt jumper cable plug, and the 12-gallon gas tank provides up to 18 continuous hours of operation.

From Craftsman gas pressure washers to Stanley electric models, you have access to a variety of tools to reduce your workload and maximize your production on the job. Whether you require pressure washer accessories or a new generator, shop Kmart for the tools and supplies you need for your commercial or residential cleaning needs.


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