Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts

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      Use wheelbarrows and garden carts to simplify gardening

      Moving plants and yard debris can be back-breaking work. Wheelbarrows and garden carts can help make the whole process easier, allowing you to transport large loads without strain. The garden section at Kmart offers these handy tools in a variety of sizes and styles to help you keep your yard looking well-manicured.

      When the spring comes, planting season arrives as well. You want to have all of the lawn maintenance that you need ready to go. From garden carts and wheelbarrows to lawn mowers and seeders, you can stock up on all of the tools you need. With your wheel barrow and other garden equipment, you'll be all set to your floral or vegetable garden.

      Ames makes carts and wheelbarrows in a variety of colors and materials. With sizes ranging from three to ten cubic feet, these sturdy garden helpers can hold just about anything that needs moving. Load them up with plants and get your landscaping job done faster. Steel construction makes for long-lasting, durable wheelbarrows. Poly wheelbarrows and carts are just as sturdy and resist damage from changing weather conditions. When it comes time to water your newly planted flowers and vegetables, use a convenient reel cart instead of dragging a heavy hose across the yard.

      When you purchase a high-quality wheelbarrow from Kmart, it's sure to last you for years of gardening and planting. You'll love preparing for your summer garden with the sturdy garden carts and other garden tools. Once you're finished with all of your planting for the day, you want to safeguard your gardening equipment in a shed or other outdoor storage unit. Your planting equipment is sure to stay in great condition when you keep it stored in a garden shed through the winter, as well.

      Using wheelbarrows & garden carts to do yard work makes everything go faster and can prevent injuries that result from too much heavy lifting. Check out Kmart the next time you need a little help cleaning up around the yard and see how easy it can be to make your landscaping dreams come true.

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