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      Use Spreaders to Lay Down Seed and Fertilizer in Your Lawn and Garden

      With spreaders from Kmart, you can lay down seed and fertilizer quickly and easily in your lawn and garden. Kmart carries a variety of outdoor tools and supplies to make your gardening tasks even easier than before. The Agri-Fab handheld spreader lets you manually spread seed exactly where you want it. Since it's made of durable plastic resin, you never have to worry about rust and corrosion.

      Spreaders let you deposit more seed or fertilizer at a time. The Agri-Fab Hopper spreader holds 85 pounds of grass seed and fertilizer, which covers a 14,200 square-foot area. The Scotts basic broadcast spreader works best for smaller lawns and gardens, and its U-shaped handle features an on-off switch for controlling the spreading mechanism. Whether it's a tractor attachment or a manual spreader, you have what you need to spread seed and fertilizer in the lawn and garden.

      Spreader attachments benefit you in two ways: The spreader holds more contents, and the riding mower does all of the work for you. The Precision Products 130-pound spreader holds even more seed and fertilizer, and it attaches easily to the riding mower via the hitch. Compact drop spreaders are also available for smaller lawns. The Agri-Fab 17-gallon drop spreader offers a 42-inch spread width, and its galvanized steel agitator withstands constant use and abuse. While spreaders work well in the spring and summer seasons, you can also use the Agri-Fab spreader to lay down ice melt in the winter.

      Prepare the soil before laying down grass seed and fertilizer. When you have the right hand gardening tools, you can finish the job in less time. An Apollo 7-piece gardener's tool kit contains many of the tools you need to prep the soil for seeding. The kit comes with a trowel and a rake to break through compact soil and rake the dirt evenly over the area. A Centurion stainless steel shovel lets you dig deeper holes for planting flower bulbs, and the Corona professional bypass pruner helps you maintain the look of your plants as they grow.

      Invest in spreaders and gardening tools that help you create and maintain your garden each season. Whether it's tool kits or fertilizer, shop Kmart online for the best selection of outdoor tools and supplies for your lawn and garden.

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