Hand Gardening Tools

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      Get Your Hands Dirty with Hand Gardening Tools from Kmart

      Make your lawn and garden look as beautiful as possible when you invest in hand gardening tools from Kmart. Kmart carries hundreds of name brand outdoor tools and supplies to aid you on your quest to the perfect garden. Maintain the look of your rose bushes with Corona professional pruners, and remove excess overgrowth in your hedges with a 13-inch pistol saw.

      Get down in the soil, and prep your flowerbeds with an Apollo 7-piece gardener's tool kit. It contains essential gardening tools such as trowels and rakes to dig and prepare the soil for planting. Additional aprons and gloves protect your clothing and hands from dirt, and the convenient pouch keeps all of your tools neat and organized as you work. Dig even deeper with the Centurion round-point shovel to bury flower bulbs far beneath the soil. From shovels to rakes, you have what you need to start a successful gardening project.

      Garden Weasel digger forks help you break through compact soil in order to prepare it for planting seeds or flower bulbs. The digger features three separate fork tongs and a long handle to minimize the strain on your back. When preparing a larger garden, you may require tiller attachments on your riding mower. However, with a smaller garden in the backyard, all you need is the Garden Weasel garden claw and an Ames true temper weed cutter. The garden claw lets you manually break apart compact soil where you need it, and the weed cutter makes removing stubborn weeds even easier.

      After tilling and preparing the soil for gardening, use an adjustable steel rake to level the foundation. A 24-inch poly rake helps you remove rocks and larger debris from the area, leaving behind an even foundation for planting your vegetables or flowers. In addition, use the Felco pruner to prune your plants as they grow. Pruning early in the plant's developmental stages ensures it grows quicker and healthier. Use Black & Decker hedge shears and Craftsman cordless trimmers to maintain your hedges and shrubs, and use the Companion shrub rake to remove leaves and pine needles from smaller flowerbeds.

      You want hand gardening tools that help you create and maintain a beautiful garden all year round. Shop Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of durable hand tools and lawn and garden accessories.

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