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Protect yourself with gardening gloves & clothing

Whether you're a casual weekend gardener or serious landscaper, you need gardening gloves & clothing to protect you from outdoor hazards. At Kmart, you can browse a variety of garden apparel options to help keep you safe when working outside.

One of the most important pieces of protective clothing for gardeners and do-it-yourself landscaping enthusiasts is gardening gloves. The Westchester brand offers a wide selection of gloves for men and women working with hand gardening tools. Kid-sizes protect the hands of young nature lovers. Cotton gloves are good for light garden work such as planting seeds and flower bulbs. Nylon gloves protect when pulling weeds. If you're going to be doing more heavy-duty work or using sharp tools, you might want a pair of cowhide gloves. Westchester also makes several glove styles with leather palms set into a fabric body. These give a greater range of motion than fully leather gloves, which is necessary for doing work that requires more dexterity.

Garden footwear is another important element of your gardening outfit. You can even keep your gardening shoes and other gear in your outdoor storage shed to keep them from trekking mud into your home. From comfortable clogs to full-cover boots, Sloggers brand manufactures a full line of shoes designed to keep your feet clean and dry as you work outdoors. Try low-profile clogs in basic colors when you're going to be weeding or harvesting. Some styles have openings at the sides to help keep your feet cool on hot days. Tallboots with eye-catching designs are better for wet days, especially after an overnight rain. For those times when you just want to hang out in the yard, Sloggers also offers thong-style sandals and cotton sunhats.

Midwest's casual garden clothing is simple yet functional and meets all of your gardening needs. Get yourself some basic blue or green clogs in one of three sizes and be comfortable as you walk between flower beds or rows of vegetable plants. Strap-on knee pads ease achy joints when you have to spend a lot of time weeding. Don forget a garden hat to keep the sun off your head and face. All together, Midwest's products let you put together the perfect outdoor outfit without having to shop around for individual items.

Harsh sun and biting insects can make spending time outdoors unpleasant if you don't have proper protection. It important to take care of yourself while taking care of your plants. Shop Kmart's wide selection of gardening gloves & clothing for all you need to garden in comfort and style.


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