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      Use Fertilizers and Chemicals to Help with Your Lawn and Garden Maintenance

      You want your lawn and garden to grow healthy and strong, but it takes fertilizer and regular maintenance to ensure you achieve your goal. Kmart offers hundreds of effective fertilizer and weed control products to help with your residential and commercial landscaping. Grow larger, healthier tomatoes with Espoma Tomato-tone, and give your plants the added nutrients they need with KGRO all-purpose plant food.

      While you can feed your lawn and garden all the fertilizer it can take, you still need to prevent weed growth or bug infestation. Monterey garden insect spray helps protect your flowers and plants from disease and destruction. Bayer Crabgrass Killer removes unsightly crabgrass from your lawn and garden, and GreenLight Ash Borer Killer protects your trees from destructive insects. In order to treat any affected area, use a Hudson Ortho Pro sprayer combined with your preferred chemical spray. Treat your lawn and garden at least once or twice per season to ensure optimal results.

      You can spread fertilizer even faster if you use a riding mower or utility vehicle. With a hitch kit and a spreader attachment, you can quickly lay down a layer of fertilizer over an entire front and backyard space. In fact, an Agri-Fab 85-pound spreader holds enough fertilizer to cover a 14,200 square-foot space. Make spraying your lawn and garden just as easy when you use a Craftsman tow-behind sprayer and your riding lawn mower.

      Before you lay down fertilizer or spray chemicals in the lawn and garden, you want to remove any weeds currently in the area. While a rake and manual power works well in this case, using a line trimmer works even better. A Weedeater 16-inch gas line trimmer is a lightweight, portable alternative to manual rakes and weed removers. Its 25cc engine quietly cuts through tough weeds in seconds. After removing the weeds, use Scotts Ortho weed killer to prevent further growth in the area. Maintaining your garden takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but the right tools make the job easy and rewarding.

      You want to keep your lawn and garden looking its best in every season, so use fertilizers and chemicals only when necessary. Shop Kmart online or at the store for an even bigger inventory of affordable outdoor tools and supplies for your lawn and garden.

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