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      Edging & Landscaping Materials Beautify Both Lawn and Garden

      Quality edging & landscaping materials let you put beautiful finishing touches on your lawn and garden. Whether you prefer a rustic look or something more contemporary, the selection at Kmart has everything you need to create the yard of your dreams.

      Ground covers from Dewitt are designed to control weeds and other problematic plants that may try to invade your garden. With several color and material options available, you can choose what works best for your lawn. Durable black or brown plastics keep weeds at bay by blocking light to everything except the plants you want to grow while still letting water through. Fiber and burlap are eco-friendly choices for gardeners who prefer not to use plastics. Mesh netting keeps birds and other pests from getting to your produce before you do. To protect your plants from unexpected weather, Dewitt offers a line of thermal fabrics. Covering plants during a cold snap can help ensure that you'll continue to see a yield once the dangerous weather has passed.

      If you enjoy the look and convenience of raised garden beds, check out the products from Frame It All. Using geometric shapes, Frame It All has created a variety of unique raised bed options. Traditional square and rectangular beds are just the beginning. You can also build a circular bed or use "raised garden curves" to create a one-of-a-kind space for your favorite plants. The shapes you can make with the attractive wood composite or red cedar frames are limited only by your imagination. Frame It All also has sandboxes in various shapes, which are great for getting kids outside and engaged in play.

      Decorative edgings from Suncast focus on aesthetics. Stone edging adds a rustic touch to flowerbeds. Choose from grey or brown stone to complement the overall color scheme of your lawn. Contemporary style may be achieved by using quick interlocking panels that resemble a small fence. When all you need is a low-key way to separate your plants from the rest of the yard, try Pro Garden Edging. This edging uses a series of interlocking coils to give you complete control over the length and shape of the barrier.

      From weed control to decorative accents, edging & landscaping materials give you the help you need when planning lawn and garden design. Shop Kmart when you're ready to put the finishing touches on your personal landscaping vision.

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