Nothing makes a garden bloom like rich, organic compost. Kmart carries a complete line of home composters and accessories to make backyard compost production simple. From large tumbling composters to attractive countertop scrap pails, Kmart has it all. Sun Joe's 1800 Count Live Red Wiggler Worms get a new compost heap off to a great start, and the Mantis Composting Kit makes it easy to maintain the right amount of heat and moisture for thorough decomposition. Turn kitchen and yard scraps into nutrient-rich compost with composting bins and supplies from Kmart.
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      Composters Make For Eco-Friendly Gardening

      Increasing garden yields can be as simple as turning kitchen scraps into homemade compost. Composters take a lot of the mess and work out of this process, providing attractive containers for what would otherwise be a pile of dirt sitting somewhere on your lawn. Kmart offers a selection of composters to fit every gardening style.

      Algreen composters are made from durable plastics designed to resemble ceramic pottery. Rugged and attractive, these composters are perfect when you want to make compost but need something that looks good in your yard. Large, pot-style composters can be placed anywhere, even on the patio or porch. A tumbler model allows you to manually rotate your compost collection without getting your hands dirty. Using subtle designs and earthy colors, composters from Algreen are made to look right at home among lawn and garden furniture. Modern plastic construction ensures that any model can stand up to changing weather conditions throughout the season.

      Ecomposter also offers tumbler composters but in a much more "new age" style. These round composters resemble globes and come in a forest green color that blends in well with grass and ground cover. Tumbler composters speed up composting time, giving you fresh, rich soil in four to six weeks. Instead of having to wait all season or even over the winter for good compost, you can have it whenever your garden needs fertilizing. True to their name, Ecomposter uses recycled and recyclable material for all of their composters, making them eco-friendly as well as practical. The spherical design of Ecomposter's unique models makes them interesting pieces of yard decor as well.

      Exaco makes composters that promote a warm composting process. Like the rotating action of tumblers, this process speeds up the creation of soil from kitchen scraps and other garbage. With 110- and 160-gallon models, you can make as much compost as you need for your garden all season long. Use the kitchen compost collector to gather all of your organic waste and get it ready to turn into rich homemade fertilizer. Exaco also offers a sturdy metal turning tool that makes it easy to rotate your compost, which is essential for proper aeration.

      Whether you plan on composting a few vegetable peels or want to create a stock of homemade fertilizer for a large garden, composters get the job done. Shop the collection at Kmart to find just what you need for your gardening endeavors.

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