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      Reel Mowers Help You Keep the Lawn Trim and Proper

      If you enjoy keeping your grass cut very low, then reel mowers can help you achieve that look. Kmart carries a full range of lawn mowers and other lawn care supplies for your home. A McLane 20-inch reel mower offers power and performance in one, clearing a 20-inch path with its four-horsepower engine and seven blades. In addition, reel mowers have detachable collection bags for easily disposing of grass clippings. If you want healthier looking Bermuda and St. Augustine grass, then a reel mower does the job.

      Like most push mowers, you have to guide a reel mower as you cut the lawn. If you have a larger yard or thicker grass, then investing in a Craftsman 190cc push mower is the best choice. Once you have the grass cut at an optimal height, use a Remington or Sun Joe reel mower to maintain the lawn once or twice per week.

      If you want a greener alternative to gas-powered mowers, then invest in a cordless rechargeable mower. Just because you want a more powerful reel mower doesn't necessarily mean that you have to upgrade to a gas-powered model. In fact, Gardena offers a 25-volt rechargeable reel mower that runs quietly and smoothly as you cut the grass. As an added benefit, the rechargeable reel mower works even after the battery dies. Therefore, you have a manual and powered reel mower in one device. Because it's a cordless model, you have the freedom to move anywhere in the yard without the restriction of cords.

      Self-propelled lawn mowers make cutting the grass even easier on your legs and back. With short Bermuda grass, all you need is a simple reel mower to manage the lawn. However, an unkempt yard requires more power to cut through thick grass and weeds. With a Poulan PRO or Craftsman Professional self-propelled lawn mower, the machine does all of the hard work for you. The Craftsman Professional 190cc variable-speed mower offers a self-propelled mechanism that thrusts the mower forward; all you have to is guide the mower where you want it.

      You want to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn, and reel mowers let you manage grass height easily without much effort. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable lawn and garden supplies.

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