Cordless Rechargeable Mowers

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      Cordless Rechargeable Mowers Take the Work Out of Cutting the Lawn

      Get more done with less effort when you use cordless rechargeable mowers from Kmart. Kmart carries a full inventory of name brand lawn mowers from Sun Joe and CEL with battery life up to 45 minutes. In addition, rechargeable models such as the CEL DualMotor 24-volt cordless mower propel itself, so all you have to do is guide it while it does all the work.

      Self-propelled lawn mowers such as the CEL DualMotor reduce the amount of work you have to do when mowing the lawn. However, not all self-propelled mowers have rechargeable motors. For example, the Poulan PRO 22-inch Torus mower uses a gas-powered Briggs & Stratton engine. However, the front-wheel drive moves the lawn mower forward, and it includes an EZ Empty Grass bag to dispose of grass clippings when you're done.

      Unlike corded electric mowers that require a long extension cord to feed power to the unit, cordless mowers offer more freedom of movement while you mow the lawn. The Remington 24-volt cordless mower has a push-button starter system and a rear bagger to collect grass clippings as you work. The 3-in-1 cutting deck provides three ways to manage your grass clippings, and the ergonomic handles adjust easily to provide maximum comfort during the job. A 36-volt RECHARGE mower gives you added power to cut through thick grass, and its "Bag Full" indicator light alerts you when it's time to empty the grass clippings.

      Reel mowers such as the Gardena Lithium-powered mower offer the power you need to mow the lawn quickly and efficiently. The Gardena's 25-volt rechargeable battery supplies plenty of energy to cut an entire lawn. While it does not offer a self-propelled mechanism, the mower's lightweight frame makes it much easier to push the mower regardless of the terrain. If you really want to take the work out of cutting the grass, invest in the RoboMow RL2000. This automatic lawnmower cuts the grass all by itself. Just schedule a time for it to run, and the mower does the job using an advanced sensor technology.

      Using cordless rechargeable mowers takes the hard work out of cutting your lawn. From rechargeable reel mowers to self-propelled models, shop Kmart online or at the store for a selection of affordable lawn care equipment and supplies for your lawn and garden.

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