Generator Accessories

Generator accessories allow you to maintain and customize your generator before the next power outage. Start with a transfer kit that safely connects your generator with nearby utility lines or stock a spare battery that keeps your generator powered when the utility lines are unavailable. Next, wheel mobility kits and extension cords ensure you can maneuver your machine wherever you need it most. The maintenance kit and fuel stabilizer protect your machine while it is in storage. Protect your generator all year with a weatherproof protective cover. These accessories guarantee your machine is ready for action at a moment's notice.
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Find the Generator Accessories You Need for Your Generator

In case of a blackout, you need to have additional generator accessories on hand to deal with any emergency. Kmart provides a range of generator accessories for use with most gas-powered and standby generators. Whether you prefer a solar-powered generator or a smaller portable version, you have access to the parts and accessories you need to return power back to your home.

You want to maintain your generator even if it's not in use. A DEK universal generator accessory kit contains everything you need to improve your generator's performance. From engine oil to fuel stabilizer, you can maximize the power you get from your generator. Maintaining your generator regularly ensures that it operates at optimal levels each time you need it. Whether it's a gas-powered generator for the house or a solar model for the greenhouse or garden, inspect the unit, and ensure it operates at full capacity.

You may require some distance between the generator and the home or job site. However, you need to harness the power without having the generator in the same location. The DEK 25-foot extension cord lets you run power from the generator to the area you need it. The DEK 30-amp extension cord handles up to 7,500 watts and works with just about any generator on the market. Its heavy-duty construction withstands harsh elements when used outdoors. In addition, it comes in 25-foot increments and can connect to another cord to increase its length.

You take a lot of pride in maintaining your tools and lawn care equipment, so you should pay the same attention to your generators. Shield the generator from the elements with a Champion Power Equipment weather-proof cover. Just as your riding mower needs protection from the sun and rain when it's not in use, your generator also requires the same protection whether it's parked at home or on the jobsite. The Champion generator cover provides maximum protection from sun damage, and its water-resistant material offers protection from rain and snow. With its durable elastic band, it fits tightly around the generator, shielding it from all sides.

Whether you require a protective cover or a tune-up kit, you have access to generator accessories that protect and improve your generator. Shop Kmart online or at the store for an even bigger selection of heavy-duty generators and accessories.


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