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Blowers & Vacuums

Keep your yard clean with leaf blowers and vacuums

When the leaves begin falling from the trees, the crunchy dried foliage can saturate your yard. If you don't manage the leaves as they drop, you may end up with a layer of soggy, wet leaves encased in snow and ice. With leaf blowers and vacuums, you can make sure your yard is neat and free of autumn debris without the time-intensive process of using a rake. At Kmart, you'll find a variety of leaf vacuums and blowers to take care of your front and back lawn. 

Leaf blowers come in a variety of styles and designs, from corded electric models to cordless gas blowers and more. You can clear fallen shrubbery and debris after a powerful storm or collect leaves after they've dropped from your trees in the autumn.

Leaf vacuums are designed to extract leaves, grass and debris from your lawn. Many models offer chipper and shredder features to simplify your yard maintenance. You can even clear sticks and twigs that are left over from using the hedge trimmer. Whether you're looking for equipment to make lawn care easier or you need a powerful machine to help clean up your yard, Kmart has the leaf blowers and yard vacuums that will tackle any job on your property.