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      Enhance Your UTV with Windshields and Rear Windows from Kmart

      When you invest in windshields and rear windows for the UTV, you stay shielded from wind and bugs as you drive. Kmart offers a vast selection of windshields and enclosures to enhance your off-road experience. The QuadGear windshield installs in seconds, fitting tightly over the roll bar. The clear vinyl window instantly protects you from wind and rain, and the cinch-tight straps ensure it remains secured even on the bumpiest backroads.

      Along with the addition of windshields and rear windows, UTV cabs and enclosures create a comfortable cabin space for two people. The QuadGear enclosure fits over the roll bars, providing the ultimate protection from the elements. It features large vinyl windshields and doors, and the clear back window ensures you have a complete 360-degree view of your surroundings. In addition, the doors feature EZ-View windows that remove easily for quicker access in and out of the cabin area.

      Even if the ATV is not in use, you should still protect it from sun and rain damage. Craftsman seat and gear covers protect both ATVs and lawn tractors from dust buildup and scratches that occur in storage. The Classic Accessories cover features Weather-X fabric with water-resistant backing to ensure the ultimate protection from water and mildew damage. In addition, most seat and gear covers offer UV-resistant fabric to protect the vehicle's paint and upholstery from sun damage. Whether it's parked outside or in the garage, protect your all-terrain vehicle with a durable polyester cover.

      You want to maximize your ATV's potential, and universal mount kits and hitches let you attach useful accessories that improve your overall production. A mounting bracket helps you attach the Great Day Powerloader to the ATV, and an Ohio Steel multipurpose hitch lets you attach lawn care equipment and dump carts with ease. If you hunt, use the Powerloader to lift the wild game from the ground to the appropriate height with a press of a button. With the QuadGear windshield installed, you avoid the scent and fur that flies into the cabin as you drive.

      Improve your UTV with QuadGear windshields and rear windows that protect you from the wind and rain as you drive through the field and forest. Shop Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable heavy-duty attachments and accessories for your all-terrain vehicles.

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