An ATV cart from Kmart makes it possible to haul toys, camping gear, picnic supplies or building materials anywhere they're needed. The Ohio Steel Flatbed boasts a load capacity of 1000 pounds and is perfect for hauling bulky items that might not fit into a four-sided cart. The Agri-Fab Tandem Axle ATV Cart is a multipurpose item that can handle big loads and features and easy-release dumping mechanism. For occasional use or everyday hard work, a cart is one of the most versatile and useful accessories available for an ATV.
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Haul Gear and Supplies in Durable Carts for Your ATV

Attaching carts to your ATV maximizes your efficiency whether you're working in the yard or out on a camping trip. Kmart carries a range of heavy-duty dump carts and flatbeds to attach to your ATV or riding lawn mower. Carry heavy fertilizer bags to the garden with the Agri-Fab utility cart, or haul camping gear back to the truck with the Ohio Steel flatbed ATV cart.

In order to join Agri-Fab dump carts and other useful attachments to your ATV or UTV, you may require a hitch kit. The Ohio Steel hitch kit lets you easily attach trailers and other ball hitch attachments to your ATV. Use the Ohio Steel three-way multipurpose hitch to attach spreaders and other garden accessories to your ATV. Alternatively, mount the Great Day utility vehicle Hitch-n-Ride to the backend of your UTV. The durable frame holds up to 400 pounds of firewood or hunting equipment for your trip.

The Hitch-n-Ride also works well for hauling large coolers and other camping equipment. Pack the family-size tent and sleeping bags together, and attach the Ohio Steel heavy-duty dump cart to haul your gear to the campsite. Use ATV Logic rack straps to tie down storage bags and cargo boxes to the flatbed cart. Whether it's outdoor safety survival gear or first aid kits, haul your camping equipment to and from the campsite with ease.

Combined with duffel bags and totes, Ohio Steel dump carts let you haul more on your all-terrain vehicle. Mossy Oak duffel bags hold extra hunting gear such as knives and scopes, and the backpacks fit conveniently in the cart or on the ATV when properly strapped. In addition, duffel bags help you carry necessary gear with you in areas that you can't reach with your ATV. Use the Mossy Oak 6-slot honker bag to protect your decoys from the elements. The Signature Blind bag offers a padded carry strap when hauling your gear up the hunter's blind, and the water-resistant liner safeguards your valuables during inclement weather.

When gardening, use the Ohio Steel dump cart to carry fertilizer and tools, and attach a flatbed cart to haul wild game back from a hunting trip. Shop online at Kmart for the most affordable selection of name brand hunting accessories and ATV attachments for each of your all-terrain vehicles.


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