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Kodak  FunSaver Single Use Camera, 27 Exposures, 1 camera

Kmart  Item#  020W291179110001 | Model#  8617763

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Kodak FunSaver - Single use camera - 35mm

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Product Overview:
Type: Single Use
Flash Type: Built-in
Color: Multi color
General Information:
Type - Viewfinder: Real-image
Camera Format - Camera: 35mm
Type - Lens System: Lens

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Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Type: Single Use
Flash Type: Built-in
Color: Multi color
General Information:
Type - Viewfinder: Real-image
Camera Format - Camera: 35mm
Type - Lens System: Lens
Film Speed Range - Camera: ISO 800
Exposures Qty - Camera: 27
Film Type - Camera: Color print film


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Product Description

Kodak FunSaver - Single use camera - 35mm

The Kodak Single-Use Camera range provides an inexpensive way to produce superb quality pictures even where traditional cameras don't dare to go. Stylish, compact, and robust, the cameras can be taken anywhere. Whether you are a party animal or prefer a walk in the country, the Kodak Single-Use Camera range fits your lifestyle. They are easy to use and ready for action.

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Added on October 21, 2010


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