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Don't let dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Doing the dishes can be a chore, especially if you wash them by hand. Thankfully Kmart offers a wide variety of dish drying racks to make your life a little easier. Air-dry your dishes and silverware before putting them away in the cupboards and flatware organizers. Choose from different colors, materials and sizes, including one- and two-tiered dish drainers. We know you love that good feeling you get from a spotless kitchen, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get it. Spend less time drying dishes and more time doing the things you love.

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Let your dishes dry the easy way with dish drying racks from Kmart

Using a dish drying rack could save you time and energy you could be spending on more important things than hand drying your dishes. You can find a wide selection of dish drying racks, including different sizes that can accommodate all your dishes and colors and materials to match your kitchen's decor. It doesn't matter if you're cleaning up after a family of five or just yourself; at Kmart you're bound to find the dish drainer you need to complete your kitchen.

Dish drying racks are a great solution for a smaller kitchen space because they free up the sink without taking up much room on the counter. All dish drainers come with grooved slots to fit plates, bowls, pots, pans, cups and other tableware. Most also come with a utensil tray to store your silverware. You'll need to put draining tray underneath the drying rack. These are sloped trays that collect water and drain it back into the sink. They typically have rimmed edges to keep water off the countertop.

Another thing to keep in mind is your kitchen decor. Drying racks at Kmart come in a variety of colors and materials. Of course you can choose from the basic white or black, but consider chrome or brushed nickel; a modern color like that might match the decor if you have stainless steel kitchen trash cans and appliances. Plastic is your least expensive option, and is often dishwasher-safe. A metal drying rack will be higher quality, but you may need to wash it by hand.

Some dish drying racks have special features, such as rust-resistant or antimicrobial materials. Others have side-mounted mug stands, so you can dry your coffee cup without taking up all the space in your drying rack. Slip-resistant feet protectors to prevent sliding are a handy addition, especially when your dish rack is full of glass and other everday dinnerware that might be breakable. Finally, if you think you might need extra space, consider a two-tiered drying rack for double the capacity.

Doing the dishes might be a chore, but we're here to help in any way we can. The beauty of a good dish drying rack is how easy it makes the drying process. When you finish washing a dish, all you have to do is set it on the tray next to you and move on to the next one. Check out our selection of dish drying racks at Kmart.


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