8 Girls' Plus School Uniforms

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      Find the perfect plus size school uniform for your daughter

      Give your daughter plus size school uniforms so all she has to do in the morning is roll out of bed, toss on her clothes, brush her teeth and head out the door. She'll know her clothes fit her the right way and won't have to worry about ill-fitting seams throughout class. Kmart has all the clothing she needs for the classroom including tops, bottoms and accessories like cross ties at an affordable price that won't break your school year budget.

      One advantage of having a dress code is that your daughter doesn't have to worry about choosing a different outfit every day. All she has to do is toss on her collared top, skirt and fasten her school uniform shoes. Kmart has all the polos and collared tops in her school colors she needs to stay within the dress code and focused on class.

      To go with her collared top, give her a skirt or a pair of slacks to match. Kmart has plus size uniform bottoms that have adjustable waistbands. Once she's got her uniform ready for the first day of school, don't forget to get her a fun girl's backpack to add a little bit of personality to her ensemble.

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