Boys' Husky School Uniforms

      School uniforms take the guesswork out of dressing your guy for class in the mornings, but the crisp white shirts and pleated khakis tend to have trouble staying that way. Young boys always find a way to get dirty, so you'll want to have plenty of boys' husky school uniforms on hand to keep from doing laundry all the time. Kmart's husky school uniforms for boys feature all the essentials, from polos and oxford shirts to pants and shorts. Complete the look with a pair of boys' uniform shoes to send your guy off to school looking snappy.

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      Get your little guy classroom-ready with boys' husky school uniforms

      Boys go through growth spurts every summer, and chances are good your little guy isn't going to fit into his school uniform from last year. Fortunately Kmart has all the boys' husky school uniform pieces your son needs at prices you can afford. From dressy pleated pants and shorts to short-sleeve and long-sleeve dress shirts, you'll find everything you need to keep him feeling comfortable and looking smart. We even carry boys' shoes, so your little man can have a head-to-toe look for the first day of class.

      No matter what your son's school colors, Kmart has the husky school uniforms he needs to fit in. Choose from khaki or navy uniform pants that feature an adjustable waist, so he can stay comfy and confident as he continues to grow. Some schools allow boys to wear long-sleeve or short-sleeve polo shirts, but if his dress code is more formal, we also have husky boys' oxford shirts with expandable collars. Your little man can even pick out a new backpack that shows his personality off to his friends.

      Wearing a husky school uniform doesn't have to be uncomfortable for your growing guy. Shop at Kmart for the uniform essentials he needs to move freely while also looking great in class.

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