Kids' Everyday Essentials

      Make sure your children have everything they need to get dressed in the morning like kids' socks, underwear and other basics. Kmart has kids underwear and other everyday essentials at an affordable price so you can stock their drawers with apparel that supports them throughout the day. For comfortable evenings, give your little ones pajama sets, so they fall asleep quickly and get ready for the next day. Whether it's socks to suit kids' shoes or a girls' bra for your maturing daughter, kids are more comfortable in their clothing when their foundational pieces like socks and underwear fit right.

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      Find kids' socks and other everyday essentials for your little ones

      Everyday essentials like kids' socks and underwear are often forgotten when packing up sleeping bags for sleepovers and trips. Kmart has the gear you need to keep your little ones stocked with undergarments for daily wear.

      Having the right socks wen playing outside with kids fitness gear is important. Athletic socks from Kmart give your children's foot and give them the breathability they need to keep playing comfortably all day long. Once they're all tired out from the day, they'll appreciate a soft pajama set to relax in. Kmart has boys and girls pajamas with appealing colors and characters that will inspire them to dream big when they fall asleep.

      When your daughter's body matures, fill her dresser drawer with bras that are made for her changing body. Lightweight and gently supportive bras will help her get used to the new undergarments, and extra pieces like camisoles will help her feel comfortable in all her favorite clothing styles. Kmart has all the kids socks, underwear and other essentials your kids need to feel good in their clothes everyday.

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