Girls' School Uniform Ties

      Once girls choose their uniform top and bottoms for their school day, the final touch is their school uniform tie. Uniform ties help add a clean and complete look to the traditional school uniform and Kmart has a variety of styles and colors allow students to show off their personal style. While boys have adjustable and full-make ties to choose from, girls have the option of an adjustable cross tie. The adjustable cross tie has a simple single closure and an easy-to-maneuver buckle so your daughter can be comfortable and stylish in a snap.

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      Kmart has the uniform ties your daughter needs for school

      Traditional school uniforms have a unique charm and appeal. Stylish options for shirts and bottoms help your daughter look great for school and feel comfortable throughout the day, but school uniform ties offer the finishing touch to provide a more polished look every time. Kmart has the school uniform ties you need to complete hersmart school-day look.

      Uniform ties can create different looks when you combine them with different shirt and collar styles. We offer a variety of knit and woven shirts to choose from to suit your daughter's preferences. Whether she chooses to pair her school uniform tie with a pointy collar blouse or a shirt with a Peter Pan collar, your daughter will be able to feel good about her apparel combination and tackle the day with confidence.

      While the thought of wearing a tie might sound daunting, it doesn't have to be difficult. The cross tie has a simple single snap closure to make putting it on a foolproof endeavor. An adjustable buckle moves with ease to ensure a comfortable fit so your daughter can keep her focus on her schoolwork instead of adjusting her tie all day. Another tie option is the full-make style, which requires a little more finesse, but allows your daughter to change up her knot style easily and produce fun and different looks. Adding some accessories to her ensemble also can help her show off a bit of flair.

      Oftentimes when kids have school uniforms, it means needing to do laundry more often. Our ties are made from a blend of polyester and rayon and are machine washable. That means you can throw your daughter's ties in the washing machine when you launder her shirts, pants and skirts. This will save you from having to visit the dry cleaner and will save you both time and money because you can take care of the washing at home. This also means you won't have to worry about stains that may mysteriously show up during the day because you'll be able to treat the spots easily.

      Although they can be small-sized accessories, uniform ties can make a big impact. Kmart has the school uniform ties you need to complete your look at a price you?ll love.

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