Bongo Girls' Jeans

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      Help your daughter dress in style with girls' jeans from Kmart

      It's hard to find a piece of clothing more versatile, comfortable and well accepted as a good pair of jeans. Even your daughter can appreciate how stylish and durable high-quality jeans can be. Jeans go great with just about anything. Pair them with a simple t-shirt for a casual look on the weekends, or dress them up with a cute button-down shirt for school. No matter what sense of style your daughter, niece or granddaughter has, a pair of jeans is sure to complement most of the tops in her closet. Here at Kmart, you'll find a wide variety of jeans in a range of colors, fits, materials and more.

      Skinny jeans are one of the most popular trends going right now, so make sure your little girl isn't left out of the loop. This style features jeans that hug the leg all the way down to her shoes, and can be very flattering and comfortable. Pair them with a casual tennis shoe for a look that will help her stand out on the playground, but don't forget to include some new girls' socks and tights underneath those shoes for warmth and comfort.

      Bootcut jeans are a classic style that look good on just about anybody. This style flares out a little at the bottom in a way that is typically very flattering. Girls who might not want a skinny cut are sure to look great in a good pair of bootcut jeans. Because they're a little roomier, they might also be a bit more comfy than a slim pair of jeans. Pair them with some of our gently supportive girls' bras and camisoles underneath a fuzzy sweater for unbeatable comfort.

      The classic color for jeans is blue, of course, but don't let that deter you from being adventurous. A pair of purple jeans might give your little girl that pop of color that she's looking for. Unlike your son, who is probably happy wearing a pair of boys' athletic shorts with a t-shirt, your daughter probably wants to be a little more daring in her choice of clothing. Therefore, consider the possibility of white, silver or red jeans for your little girl's wardrobe.

      It's natural for a little girl to want to express her personality through her clothes. Outfitting your daughter with a couple good pairs of jeans will help make sure she always has a pair of pants to match her new top. Jeans are durable, long-lasting and comfortable, making them a practical choice as well. Shop Kmart for a wide variety of chic and trendy girls' jeans for your daughter.

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