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      Your daughter will love these comfy girls' tights from Kmart

      Girls' tights are a versatile garment that your daughter can wear with all sorts of different outfits. Whether your little girls is hanging out at home, headed to school or getting ready for a sleepover at her best friend's house, she's sure to be cozy in a good pair of tights. They're easy to match with a variety of tops or outfits, and permit full range of motion so they're always comfortable. Here at Kmart, you can find a wide selection of tights for your little girl, no matter what size or color she prefers.

      When buying tights, it's a good idea to get a variety of colors. Black or white is a classic choice for girls' pants and leggings because it's flattering and goes with just about everything. Consider a few brighter options, though. Red, purple or pink tights will really stand out and can help turn a drab outfit into something much more fun and exciting. For the appearance of bare legs without the exposure, a pair of beige or nude leggings is a good choice.

      Tights usually aren't worn by themselves in public; you typically wear them underneath a skirt, dress or pair of shorts. If you're looking for something similar to tights that might be a little more appropriate to wear by themselves, check out a pair of girls' jeggings. They're similar to tights but have the appearance of jeans. Keep in mind the fact that different tights have different levels of thickness. Pantyhose, for instance, are a thinner version of tights. A thicker pair will be warmer and provide more coverage.

      Tights are often worn in performance by dancers, actors and athletes. Ballerinas typically wear these types of girls' leggings during performances, as do certain athletes who have to perform outside in cold weather. Runners, bikers, horseback riders and other athletes have been known to wear tights in chilly weather to help keep their body temperatures up. Tights are well-suited to athletics because they allow full range of motion and don't get in your way like a baggier pair of pants would.

      There are many different uses for tights, and your daughter is sure to get many hours of comfortable use out of them. Pick up a couple pairs for her in her favorite colors, and give her a few suggestions on how and when to wear them. You'll find a wide selection of high-quality girls' tights here at Kmart, where we make shopping fun and easy.

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