Joe Boxer Girls' Everyday Essentials

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      Stock up on girls' everyday essentials at Kmart

      Your little girl is bound to need these clothing essentials whether she prefers casual clothes, fancy dresses, athletic outfits or any other type of look. Bras, socks and underwear are a daily must, while camisoles and tights are some of the most versatile pieces in any little girl's dresser. These articles can all play a large role in keeping your daughter comfortable throughout the day. Here at Kmart, you'll find a great selection of wardrobe essentials for girls, including underwear, socks, pajama pants and more.

      Make sure your little girl never runs out of comfortable, well-fitting underwear. Stock up on this wardrobe staple by picking up a 10- or 12-pack to save time and money. Underwear packs each come with a variety of girly colors and fun patterns, so she'll always have a pair to match her girls' dresses, pants and leggings. Here at Kmart, you'll find girls' underwear in a variety of styles, from boyshorts to briefs and beyond.

      Give your daughter the gift of comfort with a comfy pair of pajama pants or tights. Whether she's headed to dance practice or just getting ready for bed, these pants will give her warmth and a full range of motion so she never feels cold or restricted. Our pajama pants are warm and cozy and often come with a matching top. Our tights are similar to girls' leggings except that they're thinner and need to be covered with a skirt or dress.

      If your little girl is getting to that age, it's time to start getting her some bras, tanks and camisoles. This can be a self-conscious period for a girl, but making sure your daughter has the right garments can help her to feel secure and supported. Bras are one of the most essential pieces of girls' clothing. Here at Kmart, you can find bras, bralettes and training bras to fit your little girl no matter where she's at in her development.

      Keep your little girl feeling comfortable by making sure she has all the everyday essentials she needs, and keep her stocked up to avoid any emergency laundry sessions. Whether it's socks, underwear or pajama pants, you'll find all the basic clothing your daughter wears day after day here at Kmart. We offer great deals on wardrobe essentials for girls to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

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