7.5-9 Girls' Socks

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      Your daughter will love these girls' socks from Kmart

      Nobody likes have to slip on a pair of old, ragged socks. If your daughter has socks that are wearing thin, now is a great time to throw those worn-out pairs in the trash and replace them with cozy, comfy new socks. You often don't think much about your socks, but they can have a lot to do with how comfortable you are. A hole in your socks can cause irritation all day long, with every step you take. Making sure your socks are always in good condition means you won't notice them throughout the day. Keep your daughter comfortable all day with new pairs of socks.

      Low-cut socks are a classic and versatile choice. These can range from ankle socks that rise just above shoes to no-show socks that won't show at all. Ankle socks are a great choice to accompany girls' jeans or shorts, since they will keep your child's shoes from rubbing directly against her skin. No-show socks are good for those times when you don't want a sock to show, like when she's wearing a dress. It also depends on your personal tastes. Some people prefer to let a little sock show, while others prefer to keep their socks out of sight.

      For a completely different look, consider a pair of knee-high socks. This style of sock goes all the way up to the knee, covering the ankle and calf. Paired with one of our girls' dresses, knee-high socks can help create an adorable schoolgirl look. Knee-high socks will also do a better job of keeping her legs warm in colder months, since they cover more skin. Wearing high socks underneath long pants creates a dressier look for formal occasions since her leg won't show in between her shoes and her pants.

      You can find girls' socks in a wide variety of colors. Your little girl probably has a range of differently colored clothes and shoes, so make sure she has a sock wardrobe to match. Plain white is a classic option that works great underneath basic sneakers, but you wouldn't want to add them to a pair of girls' tights. Instead, give her the option of adding a burst of color with purple, red or even multi-colored socks.

      Here at Kmart you'll find a wide range of girls' socks to keep your daughter's feet warm and cozy. Whether she's heading to school, going to a friend's house or just hanging out at home, she'll feel great in these stylish and comfortable socks for girls.

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