Boys' Underwear

      Boys' underwear is an often overlooked essential part of stocking up your son's wardrobe. He'll need the right types of underwear to be comfortable in his boys' bottoms. Choose from a selection of undershirts and underwear for boys to find the most comfortable fit. Kmart offers briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs so your son can find all the styles he likes best. Find a variety of designs that will appeal to your child's sense of style like camo print and his favorite characters. Stock up on multiples of all his favorites so that he has enough for each day of the week.

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      Lay the foundation of his outfit with boys' underwear from Kmart

      Without items like boys' socks, undershirts and underwear for boys, your son would be uncomfortable in his clothes every day. Boys' underwear offers him support through a long day of learning and play. Find briefs and boxers printed with all his favorite characters and superheroes from movies and TV shows for a little added fun when he's getting dressed in the morning. Giving him underwear he likes can make getting dressed for school a more enjoyable experience.

      After he wakes up, showers and tosses on his boys' robe, the first thing he'll step into is his underwear. Find the perfect fit to help ease his transition from cozy loungewear to school clothes. Every guy has a preferred type of underwear, so whether he's all about briefs, enjoys the coverage of boxers or wants something in the middle like boxer briefs, you'll find it at Kmart. Stock up on his favorites with bundle packs so he'll always have a few pairs he can rely on.

      Underwear for boys is a wardrobe essential for your son. He'll wear them every day, so it's important that you stock up on the styles that make him feel the most comfortable. Pick up the underwear he needs from Kmart at an affordable price.

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