Boys' Robes

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Plush boys' robes to help your son ease into the day

After a good night's sleep in his boys' pajama set, your child can wake up and slip into a warm robe while he's getting ready for school. Have him eat breakfast and brush his teeth in his robe before he changes into his clothes for the day. That way, he can also avoid any spills on his classroom outfit during the morning. Kmart's boys' bathrobe selection has the perfect robe for your son so he can start his day off on the right foot.

Whether he's fresh out of the bathtub or hanging out on the pool deck in his boys' swimsuit, a boys' bathrobe will help him dry off quickly and stay warm while his hair dries. Kmart's boys' bathrobes come in a variety of fabrics, like absorbent terrycloth and fleece. Cold winter mornings may call for a warmer fleece option, while terrycloth may be more appropriate for summer nights. Both can keep your little guy warm and dry and come in a variety of adorable designs. Some even feature an adorable monster hood allows him to transform into a cute creature when he puts it on. Appeal to his sense of wonder with superheroes, movie characters or sports and camo print for the perfect way to keep him warm and dry, day or night.


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