Boys' Everyday Essentials

      Your little guy is just starting to get ready for the day on his own, starting with boys' socks and underwear and finishing with one of his cool boys' outfits. You'll want to make sure his socks are comfortable and durable for the wear and tear that comes with on-the-go little boys, and he'll want cool character underwear featuring all his favorites. Boys' everyday essentials from Kmart may not be the most exciting items on your shopping list, but they're definitely some of the most important. Stock up on the underwear and socks your son needs so he can dress himself from top to bottom every morning.

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      Stock up on boys' everyday essentials

      Your son is getting bigger every day. As your little guy rapidly grows into a big boy, he's going to need new boys' socks and underwear on a regular basis. With reliable and durable boys' everyday essentials from Kmart, you can rest assured that you won't have to break the bank to keep him in clean, well-fitted basic whites.

      Whether he's heading to school or to a special event, he'll need a pair of clean and comfortable socks to keep his feet comfortable and dry. With white athletic socks, he can run around to his heart's content without worrying about sweaty, uncomfortable feet. For more formal occasions, he can wear thin, black socks designed to slide right into his loafers and match his boys' dress pants.

      For purchases that are a little more fun for him, let him choose the printed underwear that best fits his personality or character underwear that shows off his favorite movie and TV personas. Of course, because his underwear is under his clothes, he may want to find character lounge pants, boys' team athletic pants and other comfortable boys' everyday essentials to wear around the house as well. At Kmart, your little guy can be fully stocked with all the clothing basics he needs.

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