Boys' Underwear

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Start his day off right with comfortable boys' underwear

Just like every man prefers a different type of men's underwear, boys have preferences, as well. Kmart offers a variety of options to choose from including boxer briefs, briefs and undershirts so that your son can easily find what fits him the best.

Boxer briefs have the same coverage as boxers, but are tight-fitting like briefs. This type of underwear is best worn with jeans and tighter pants instead of boxers, so that the underwear doesn't bunch up. Kmart's selection of young men's underwear and boys' underwear comes in different colors, patterns and designs that feature your little man's favorite characters.

Underwear isn't just about what's on bottom, it's also about support and coverage on top. Just like you wear socks with shoes and underwear with pants, boys can also wear undershirts beneath their tops. Kmart has a selection of undershirts that range from sleeveless to crew neck and v-neck t-shirts.

Whether he's in the classroom, at a friend's house or on the field for a soccer game, underwear is a must-have for your little man's wardrobe. Kmart has a selection of underwear that fits his body, and also fits your budget.


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