Boys' Backpacks & Messenger Bags

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      Get ready for the first day of school with new boys' drawstring backpacks

      As your son progresses in school and his personal style starts to develop, he'll want a new backpack that shows off his interests. Give your little man a cool way to carry his items to and from class.

      Character backpacks allow your son to match his boys' character apparel and exhibit his love for sports, TV shows and movies on the playground. These kid-friendly book bags incorporate your child's interests while carrying the supplies he needs to get down to work in the classroom.

      Send your son to practice or a friend's house with a drawstring backpack that holds all his boys' clothing, toys and sports equipment. This simple and lightweight style of backpack allows him to unpack his items, fold up the sack and slip it in his pocket.

      Boy's backpacks are designed with the child in mind; they feature bright colors, bold patterns, their favorite characters and have pockets to keep your child organized. Boys' backpacks don't have to match his boys' school uniform to be a fun way to show off his interests as you send him off to school.

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