Boys' Bags & Accessories

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      Find boys' accessories that enhance the clothing in his closet

      If your son is bored with his kid's school uniform, change up his everyday look with cool new boys' bags and accessories. Kmart offers a huge selection of gear that he's sure to love like belts, hats, socks and bags. Make sure he has everything he needs to accessorize his everyday clothing.

      Socks may not be as exciting as kids' character apparel, but they're important to keep stock of. Your little man loves to run around, play and stay active. Find socks that stand up to your son's active lifestyle. Kmart has a wide variety of socks to choose from, including athletic and crew socks, so no matter where he's going his feet always have the support they need.

      Boys' and girls' backpacks hold your child's school supplies as they make their way to the classroom. Keep your little guy excited about school with a cool backpack that shows off his interests. Whether it's his favorite super hero or a hilarious cartoon, Kmart has backpacks your son will love. Pick up all the essential accessories that your son needs for everything from formal occasions to playtime.

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